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» Mini Truck FAQ

  1. What is a Mini Truck?
  2. Who makes them?
  3. Can I drive them anywhere?
  4. What are the specifications?
  5. Why should you purchase from us?
  6. Do you provide any warranties?
  7. What about parts and repairs?
  8. What if I want to order container loads from Japan?
  9. What about all the paperwork?
  10. What about dealing with the U.S customs and other agencies?
» General
  1. Can I buy vehicles which are not listed on your stock list?
» Payment
  1. Payment method.
  2. Where to send payment?
  3. Do you accept credit cards?
  4. Do you deal with foreign currencies?
  5. Do you accept L/Cs (letter of credits)?
  6. How can I see the prices in my currency?
» Shipping
  1. How much is the freight cost?
  2. Do you arrange shipping?
  3. Can I insure my shipment?
  4. What documents will we receive?

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» Mini Truck FAQ

1.  What is a Mini Truck?
Mini trucks, also known as Kei trucks, belong in a category consisting of small vehicles known as Kei-jidosha. Kei means "light weight", Jidosha means “vehicle”. Japanese regulations restrict physical size, engine displacement and power on these vehicles. Kei class vehicles are less expensive, smaller, lighter, and more fuel efficient in comparison to standard size vehicles and consist of passenger cars, vans, and mini trucks.

Mini trucks are available with automatic transmissions, 2WD, 4WD, air conditioning, forced induction engines, and other standard and optional features. These fuel efficient, small, off road trucks can be used in a variety of settings and have unlimited use. Mini trucks typically measure: length 10'10", width 4'6" and height 5'8" and weigh approximately 1,400 lbs.

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2.  Who makes them?

The major Japanese manufacturers are Suzuki (No. 1 market share), Daihatsu – a subsidiary company of Toyota (No. 2 share), Mitsubishi (No. 3 share), Subaru, and Honda. Mazda’s model “Scrum” is manufactured by Suzuki and is practically identical to the popular “Carry”.

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3.  Can I drive them anywhere?

Anywhere except on U.S. public roads. Mini trucks are not meant for public road use and are exclusively for off road use. Our mini trucks are equipped with speed controllers which prevent these trucks from exceeding a maximum speed of 25 mph, in compliance with U.S. law.

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4.  What are the specifications?
Mini Truck Makes
  • Suzuki Carry
  • Daihatsu Hijet
  • Mitsubishi Minicab
  • Honda Acty
  • Subaru Sambar
  • Mazda Scrum
  • 3-Cylinder except for Subaru 4-Cylinder
  • Approximately 40-45 Horse Power
  • 660cc (550cc on 1990 and older models)
  • Water cooled
  • Unleaded fuel
Drive Train
  • Manual transmissions in 4 or 5 speed w/reverse
  • Hi-Lo transfer case or Granny gear (on some models)
  • 4-Wheel drive or 2-Wheel drive
  • Independent front suspension , rear solid axle & transaxle (4 independent suspension on Subaru Sambar due to the rear engine configuration)
  • Diff lock and/or axle lock switch (on some models)
  • Front: strut suspension, coil springs
  • Rear: leaf springs and shocks
Steering & Operation
  • Right hand drive
  • Left hand shifter, turn signal to the Right, wiper switch to the Left
  • Standard pedal configuration with power brake
  • Rack and pinion, (some model w/power steering)
Lighting & Electrical System
  • Low/high beam headlights available HID on some models
  • Turn signals
  • Parking lights and brake lights
  • Reverse light
  • Dash lighting
  • In cab light
  • Bed light (on some models)
  • 12-Volt solid state ignition
  • 12-Volt battery
  • Alternator
Frame & Cab
  • Steel frame construction, some uni-body frame
  • Metal body and cab
  • Side view mirrors
  • Rear view mirror
  • Large windshield with wiper and washer
  • Manual door windows, some w/power windows
  • Rear cab window
Tires & Wheels
  • 12" steel wheels (stock)
  • All-Season tires
  • 6'x4'
  • Fold down sides and tail gate
  • Removable sides and tail gate
  • Hydraulic dump bed (on some models)
  • 880 Lbs. bed capacity
  • Heater with defrost
  • Air Conditioner (on some models)
  • Wipers w/wash
  • Radio (AM stock, FM, most models w/Japanese frequency)
  • Emergency brake
  • Glove box
  • Ash tray w/lighter (on most models)
  • Safety handles
  • Door locks
  • Key ignition
  • Sun visors
  • Engine access cover (in bed & under seat)

5.  Why should you purchase from us?
There are no "middlemen" involved when you deal with us. We are a high volume importer and carry a huge inventory in Japan as well as in California. That means you have a huge selection to choose from. You can pick and choose just one mini truck or purchase in container loads. We are confident that we will have the particular year, make and model that you want and we also take special orders.
6.  Do you provide any warranties?
These vehicles are sold "as is". However, we are confident about the quality of our mini trucks and we are here to stay. If there happens to be a problem, just give us a call. Also, we are able to refer you to a company that offers a three-year warranty on mini trucks for minimal cost.
7.  What about parts and repairs?
We are a full service operation and can serve your needs. Mini trucks are so popular now that you can find a great selection of parts sold on the internet. Just give us a call to inquire.
8.  What if I want to order container loads from Japan?
That’s easy! Generally, we will load seven (7) mini trucks in one (1) 40ft. container and ship it to your destination. Our professional staff have superb knowledge on how to load these mini trucks in a container to avoid any shipping damage. Just pick from our stock and you’re good to go.
9.  What about all the paperwork?
No need to worry. We have over thirty (30) years of experience of exporting used vehicles all over the world. We will provide you with all the necessary paperwork and guide you through the process step by step.
10. What about dealing with the U.S customs and other agencies?
We can refer you to experienced customs brokers who will assist you in clearing your mini trucks through customs for minimal cost.
» General
1. Can I buy vehicles which are not listed on your stock list?
Yes, you can. Please click "INQUIRY" on the home page, and send us the details.
» Payment 
1. Payment Method
We accept bank wire transfers (T/T).
Please note that all bank transfer charges should be paid by customer.
2. Where to send payment?
Please click "BANK DETAILS" on home page.
For further information, please inquire.
3. Do you accept Credit Cards?
Credit card payment is currently NOT available.
4. Do you deal with foreign currencies?
Currently, you can pay in Japanese Yen or US Dollars. Once we start accepting payment by credit card, you can pay in Japanese Yen, US Dollars or Euros etc.
5. Do you accept L/C?
No. Currently, we accept payment only by T/T.
6. How can I see the prices in my currency?

You can convert Japanese Yen to other currencies at this currency converter

» Shipping

1. How much is freight cost?

Please calculate the freight cost from our freight calculator system. You can get a rough idea of the freight cost from the Japanese port to your location. Please note this is for your reference purpose only. You will get the precise freight cost on our official invoice. We are able to provide you with estimates to your particular location.

2. Do you arrange shipping?

Of course. We are a high volume exporter/importer and have strong connections and good rates with most of the major shipping companies that we can extend to our clients. We will gladly arrange all shipping and do the necessary paperwork for our clients.
3. Can I insure my shipment?
Insurance is not included in the cost of shipping, however, it is available at extra cost.
4. What documents we will receive?
We will send you the following documents:
01. Bill of Lading
02. Invoice
03. De-registration certificate (Japanese & English translated copy)

You will receive these documents by express mail or courier service.
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